My name is Kathleen Chapman.

I am an integrative healer and emotional coach that uses Hypnotherapy to enrich the lives of my clients.

I teach my clients to find a way to love themselves, to accept their past and move through trauma. This begins the process where they can heal, create changes and improve the way they manage life.

I  created ZENergy, A Place for Balance by combining tools and techniques that I have  personally used to heal my trauma and the generational trauma within my own family. This gave us a blueprint and we began a life of creating happiness through forgiveness and acceptance.. The very first step in healing is learning how to love yourself, learn how to  forgive yourself and who you have become as you try to navigate the world through the lens of pain.

ZENergy, A Place for Balance will guide you to find a  more balanced way to live and GIVE YOU TOOLS TO HELP YOU SHIFT FROM PAIN TO LOVE.

ZEN in ten weeks is a ten day free meditation challenge.

A continuation of the Zen in Ten challenge.

Meditations to guide you daily on your healing journey.

Premium content ZEN in Ten weeks package.

Premium content” All of life is about YOU”

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ZENergy Premium Annual Package

Access to ZENergy APP for 1 full year

90 day Personal Healing Program

(20) Sixty minute Theta-level healing sessions,

 ZEN in Ten Weeks,

Love Yourself More,

ZEN in Ten Weeks,

All of Life is about You,

The ZENergy Meditation Library,

and much more.

 4 month access to ZENergy APP

One 45 minute/month Theta-level healing session

for deep inner connection and healing.

Plus ZENergy Meditation library.

For New clients only, limited to 4 months per user.

6 month access to ZENergy APP

One 60 minute/ month Theta-level healing session 

 to deepen your meditation or self-hypnosis practice. 

Plus ZENergy Meditation library &

ZEN in Ten Weeks program.

For New clients only, limited to 6 months per user.

ZENergy Mindfulness Meditations

Get access ZENergy, A Place For Balance premium meditation library for a limited time, and start your journey of self-love and healing. Our audio meditations are available on any device, making it easy for you to take a moment and focus on your well-being.