You were born with an essential purpose to fulfill.

You were created to live at your highest intent with gifts and challenges to find and overcome.

A life that only you can live. 

How would you feel if you could discover your purpose in life and live it completely in all of its beauty?

What amazing things could you create?

Human Design is the key!

Human Design is a personality calculation that gives you information about yourself on many levels. Human design is a combination of 4 esoteric systems that when calculated 88 days prior to your birth, your birthdate, and at your specific birth time when gives you your energetic blueprint, or diagram. 

Human design combines the I-Ching Hexagram, Astrology, the Hindu Chakra system, and the Kaballah (Tree of Life, Energy Gates, and Channels) system.  The combination of this information creates your unique energetic system.

Human design is an energetic blue print that can  help set you on the path to live your most fulfilled life.

    What we’re here to express is that quality of uniqueness that differentiates us from everyone else.

    Ra Uru Hu

    A Human Design discovery is the perfect gift for parents to give to their children, or for anyone to give to themselves! 

    A Human Design discovery session with me will help you:

    Reconnect to your true self.

    Discover who you are.

    Discover your true purpose.

    Teach you to have personal authority over yourself.

    Show you how to make decisions that honor who you are and who you were meant to be.

    Allow you to see, and eradicate, old negative patterns and create new ones that serve your purpose.

    Guide yourself and your children more effectively and with more compassion.

     Here is how Human Design sessions will go…

    Session 1

    • History of Human Design
    • Reveal your Human Design Chart
    • Discover your Type
    • Clarify your personal strategy, authority and definition
    • Understand your profile

    Session 2

    • Review each Chakra Center

    • Discover what defined centers create your unique type

    • Understand how each center functions, amplifies, or absorbs energy from others

    Session 3 & 4

    • Distinguish how each channel and gate brings forward your innate gifts and allows expansion into your  life purpose

    Session 5

    • Discover how planetary alignment affects you Human Design and Personality Chart

    Session 6

    Create with you a personal Theta Meditation which incorporates the traits, purpose and desires of your Human Design Chart.

      Become who you were destined to be!

      “Kathleen’s teachings of human design have helped me learn previously hidden things about myself and this has had an incredible impact on my personal relationships.  I have learned why I react in certain ways in my daily life and have more meaningful self reflection.”
      R. Martinez

      “I come from a very strict religious background that taught that anything that wasn’t taught from a pulpit was baseless. But, my Human Design Discovery session with Kathleen changed my mind!

      The insight that she shared with me about my three daughters was spot on.

      I was delightfully surprised, intrigued, and moved by the information that she shared with me.

      Not only was the information accurate, but it is incredibly helpful. As a parent who wants to help her children grow and blossom into their full, amazing selves, Kathleen’s Human Design sessions gave me actionable insight that I can immediately apply to help them become the people that they are meant to become!”

      A. Cooley

      I recently had a session with Kathy to overview Human Design and I was genuinely beyond impressed. As she reviewed attributes of my design, I immediately identified with each description she provided and this was an extensive list of characteristics that I know are particular to how I am.
      I have become aware of these traits over the course of my life but I’ve never had the ability to articulate them in the manner in which has been accomplished with Human Design. I’m a very critical person when it comes to agreeing with being described as one type of person or another, but the surgical-like precision with Human Design has captivated my attention.
      I’m excited to continue sessions with Kathy and highly recommend giving this a try.
      Military Veteran