This is my story…

She asked the hospice nurse to pray with her, she told the sweet lady she was ready to be with the lord.

The nurse told me it would be any moment/ days or even weeks and that my momma was ready to go.

I lost it.  

I called my girls, my sisters they called her sisters.

The family began to arrive the next day..

Those who  adored her needed to be there so they came. I know those who adored her and could not be there were devastated.

I remember for two days life seemed to move in slow motion. 

My husband Don was busy taking care of everything. Food for us all…whatever I needed.

Mom was in such good spirits. 

 You knew she was weak and in pain but she would get out of bed for a bath, bathroom and to share what would be her last meal. 

Cousins, Aunts, Sisters, daughters, her only and deeply loved Son In Law, her grandbabies and great grandbabies( all but two who were living in New Zealand) all ate together… and the Pastor from Hospice blessed her, my Cousin Manuel blessed the food. 

After we all ate she took a nap and then she woke later to share a very special moment with her granddaughters.

She gave them special pieces of her jewelry.  Telling them what outfits they went with and little tidbits of her fashion sense. 

MOMMA had great taste and with her many years of her Dillards discount she amassed quite a collection of fine jewelry and costume jewelry.

I was exhausted so my niece Kelli said she would care for her so I could sleep.

I never thought it would be the last time I would hear her voice 

I wish so badly I had just gotten up with her like I did so many nights before. 

My niece came into my room to tell me Granny was not responding. She was breathing differently labored but when I walked in her room I knew she…her essence, the soul was gone.

I know the sharp, agonizing, almost unbearable pain of losing a loved one.

I have felt that awful sting, and the heavy, completely draining blackness of unending grief.

I have been where you are. I have felt that pain. And I was able to find peace, real, deep, lasting peace.

The kind that I never imagined could follow that pain. The kind of joy that I did not think I would ever see again. I did it through communicating with my mom after she passed. Connecting with her and receiving messages, and sending in return. It IS possible.

And I can help you do it.

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9 + 8 =

It’s so interesting how the body takes its own time to stop functioning…it would be a full 8 hours later.. seemed like forever.

I was done too…I could rest now. I could sleep…

No more checking on her every 4 hours to make sure her pain meds were given to keep her comfortable 

No more waking to help her go to the bathroom…( she had a portable potty in her room but she wanted to go to the bathroom )

I don’t think she ever soiled herself until the end. That’s how I knew she was not in her body.

While I slept my sister fixed her hair.. put on her make up…my girls painted her nails…it was a very Spiritual ritual I see now,  of preparing the body. 

I didn’t see it back then it was just her loved ones caring for her.

My grand babies would sing to her. They would experience death at 4 years old.

Right before she took her last breath…Vaughn whispered,” Granna ol Ma is not in her body anymore…” 

I kissed her then all the air…the life just stopped.

We would get several more hours with her as we waited for the funeral home to come. 

Before they arrived I remember wanting to hold her one last time…

So my sisters helped me pick up her body.  So I could hold her cold little body in my arms. 

I learned that day that WE ARE NOT THE BODY WE POSSESS.

My mother was not the frail, hard, cold body I was holding.

My mother was not there.

She was soft and light…we are light.

We are the energy that fills the vessel.

That energy cannot die, it transforms back into where we came from…

Every thought about death, every fear Every sadness about death was gone.

We who are left here to finish our life without them only feel pain because we place our attachment to the body.

Our loved ones are not the body. They are the life-force that fills the body.

My mother was very committed to Jesus and her Bible, the Christian beliefs were embedded into her completely.

But we had a talk about what happens to us when we die.

I told her  we will not know until she goes and that she would have to find a way to help me and that she would have to let me know, find some way of communicating with me.


On more than one occasion.

Now I’m not sharing this to get clap back from anyone who doesn’t believe what I’m sharing. 




Everything that I’m sharing is real for me… it happened and continues to happen.

In September a store I went to was having a medium as a guest. 

Very well known, he is an attorney.  In fact he is known as the attorney medium…you can Google him.

 He is not some flake he has argued cases as high as the Supreme Court but he has the gift of mediumship.

At the very last minute I called to see if there were tickets left. The owner recognized my name and said yes she would have seats for me and my oldest daughter.

 She and I got there. It was packed but our seats were at the end of the aisle which was a direct line to the speaker/medium.

If you have never been to an event like this( BTW this was my first time to ever go to an event like this ever) 

They are very interesting.

 He opens by sharing the history of mediumship, which at the time I knew nothing about.

He shared historical figures who had the gift  and how they used it.

He shared how he came about the realization he had the gift and why he chose to do what he does.

It’s not about “the showbiz” side of it.

It is to help those of us still here in the life experience to get profound healing from understanding that life is the dream and DEATH IS THE AWAKENING.

So after the history lesson he begins by identifying who the energy that is coming through belongs to. 

This is done by a series of clues and then it gets more specific until the clues are so spot on the family or person can be identified as belonging to who is in the audience.

He began describing a woman’s energy who was in the military…maybe a nurse…Courtney stood up and said my husband has an aunt who was a nurse in the military.

Then he said,  I now have another woman’s energy she iS showing me a Christmas sweater or vest, definitely Christmas…Courtney said I have my Nana’s Christmas sweater. It is the only thing of hers I wanted. 

He called her forward.

He told her she was worried about her dad…he needs to look after his health.

She wants him to take better care of himself.

He then said someone else is coming through. She is strong. She is SHOWING me some Easter baskets…she is spunky like if a man gave her any trouble she would knock him over the head with a rolling pin. 

(those who know my mom know she makes the best tortillas from scratch)

Courtney said that is my Granny.

She turned to look at me. I was already in tears.

 He then said, “she wants to talk to you, please come up here.”

He said, “she wants to know what are you waiting for? Everything you know is true and you need to get busy. The world needs to know what you know, don’t be afraid you are ready.”

I lost it,  like ugly crying, hysterical.  The memory of  a conversation she and I had came flooding in my mind.

The last few months my mom was alive I left to go to school in Santa Fe New Mexico.

I was drawn to leave for some reason and the guilt I have carried for leaving her has been huge.

It would be a year  before I started seeing clients.

After my mom’s death I got really sick and depressed.

But  when I could, during that time I would work with anyone who wanted to let me practice with them.

I wanted to be more confident in what I learned, it was time for me to begin my healing practice with the world.

My mom knew all of my doubts and she gave me the confirmation I needed that I was ready to begin my practice.

This would be the first time my daughter and I experienced communication from a loved one who crossed… but not the last.

No one knew about my conversation with my mom about not knowing if this was real until she died.. or now what I know.  

She transitioned into light energy.

The next time we heard from her was during a session when she came to Courtney…

That is another story but what I saw was my daughter’s body slowly turning into my mom’s frail body at the end. 

It’s hard to describe and put into words that doesn’t sound crazy.

 I know for some all of this sounds crazy.

I have no agenda or desire to convince anyone that what I am sharing is true or made up.

I know what the truth is. 

I know what I have experienced is real and beautiful and healing for me and my need to know the truth.

There are millions of people all over the world who have had experiences just like me.

We can’t all be making up the same similar experiences.

What I have learned is just because I don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it’s not true.

I was raised to think that Spirit connection is evil and to say away from it.. so did my Christian mother.

But any chance she has to come through to me she does.

I have several more experiences that I can share eventually I will.

My faith, my belief grows stronger every time I get a message from someone I care about who has transitioned(what I now call death).

I have received many messages and I continue to get stronger because of what I experience.

What I have learned is that when we disconnect from the Ego Consciousness we can access a space that allows us to hear in our minds…their voices…the energy of those we love who are no longer here physically.

They are waiting to connect. 

It is us who have to find their vibration to hear it.

The attorney medium describes it like this…

Our loved ones are on a satellite frequency and we are stuck in Am/Fm.



This is why meditation and Theta meditation is so important.

Theta meditation is the process of quieting our thinking mind and accessing our God Mind…

This is what I do…this is what I teach 

Everyone has the ability to do this.

I can guide you to do this, if you are open and ready. You too can experience profound peace.

Happy Clients

Hypnotherapy Session

Kathleen gave me great comfort as she took detailed intake information about my spiritual beliefs, my spiritual upbringing never once swaying me to disbelieve what I had grown up believing but encouraged me to listen to my inner voice.

I was deep seated in a very controlling marriage and I had enough space between myself and my EX where I felt uncomfortable and afraid and unsure how to feel… The very 1st session with her absolutely calmed me. We had a session immediately she taught me how to soothe myself when my anxiety was high.  There were many times I was stricken with fear and crying uncontrollably.

Kathleen calls after our sessions to see how I am doing and to see if there anything comes up that needs processing. I felt very supported by her.

She also taught me not to judge others. She’s worth her weight in gold!

Working with Kathleen over the past year and a 1/2 has been very instrumental in putting my life back together.

K. Tamez

Registered RN/ Doula

Relationship Remedies

Kathleen is an AMAZINGLY intuitive and a pure channel of light and love.

Working with her allowed me to release a lot of  negative trauma stored within my body and psyche from a difficult childhood, and adolescence.

The things that began to fall away, after working with her literally restored me to sanity and paved the way for my life to blossom with openness and flow.

My relationships with my children, husband as well as professional life all improved drastically with her clearing, coaching, and guidance. I will be forever grateful for Kathleen’s counsel. She’s also worked with 2 of my daughters and helped them as well.

 I will always call Kathleen when situations arise that I am not equipped to handle alone. 

You are a blessing Kathleen, thank you so very much from all of us. Blessed Be sweet sister

F. Green

Spiritual Advisor

Become Your Best Self

Kathleen’s gift is enabling her clients to kindly and gently identify the root cause of unresolved pain we have accumulated throughout our lives and wear like shackles.  Misplaced guilt, emotional binge eating, and unresolved grief are just a few of the things we have delved into in three sessions.  I never feel rushed or pushed and always feel lighter and more present when we are done. Kathy is wonderful with empathetic guidance into a peaceful meditative state.  She guides me to an inner place of safety and uses personalized self affirmations to help me overcome years of negative self talk.


I truly look forward to each new session.  It’s like an inner adventure, really getting to know and love who I was then and who I am now.  I’m learning to appreciate the joy in the present and the past, rather than focusing on past trauma.  Finally, I’m learning that having love and empathy does not mean taking responsibility for other’s life paths.  I am blessed to have been referred to Kathy and would recommend her to anyone who wants to become their best self.

T. Corlarelli

System Analyst

Completely New Person

Kathleen helped me in so many ways. The sessions made me feel like a completely new person. I felt calm and connected to myself. I was able to alleviate stress and symptoms from that.

My past life regression allowed me to see things in my life with a new perspective.  I found this to be a huge step in my Spiritual evolution.  I was able to heal my mind, body and soul. Every aspect of my life was improved from my sessions of this deep soul work. 

I highly recommend working with Kathleen if you want immediate relief from trauma and want to shift your life experience to find a peaceful way to overcome painful situations.

Kathleen makes you feel completely accepted in a way that allows you to be vulnerable and honestly face what comes up in the sessions. In my regression sessions I was able to connect with my loved ones that have transitioned and received great healing and clarity from the experience.

Kathleen and I have worked together for several years now, and I consult with her whenever I feel I need to process something big.

J. Dillard

Owner/CEO Corporate Lodging

Gave Me Tools To Cope

I initially saw Kathleen when I was going through a very difficult divorce with my son’s father. 

I had terrible anxiety, anger, and was drinking more than I was comfortable with.

We had several sessions together, each one focusing on something different, and I walked away every time feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally lighter. 

Eventually, the anger and anxiety melted away, and I just stopped wanting to drink. I still have some anxiety, and I probably always will. My work  with Kathleen gave me some tools to deal with it in a healthy and constructive way. 

I still rarely want to drink, which is really nice. Even if all of my tools fail me, it’s comforting to know I can always call on Kathleen to help me work through any issues I have.

R. Borne

Full time mother

Helped Me Love and Accept Myself

I am a breast cancer Survivor. After my mastectomy, I had severe body image issues. I walked with my shoulders rounded over, I didn’t hold my head.up. I had lost all confidence and much more.

After working with Kathleen I found a way to love and accept myself. Now my self image is great. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

Later I divorced, and I believed everything was my fault. My consistent work with Kathleen showed me that the problems in my marriage  and the divorce was due to issues out of my control. I have since  moved on with my life, remarried and I am in a healthy, very happy relationship.


Human Resources


Kathleen helped me to learn how to manage my extremely stressful workload. She taught me how to balance my stress level (manage it better and rein it in).   She also gave me new ways to  a better, more level-headed mom to my young children. 

I learned parenting is not about power, it’s about coexistence and partnering with them. (My father, in particular, raised us to fear him into behaving.) Kathleen gave me real, usable ideas, a different perspective, better way of looking at things and books to help me navigate. She taught me a different way to speak to my children so that they’d listen more willingly and she taught me how to send them love through meditation.

Kathleen taught me about chakra and energy and how to protect my energy source(s) around me. She taught me meditation methods that I could do on my own, whether it be in the middle of the day, during a panic attack (couldn’t breathe), crying uncontrollably because of a trigger, late at night when I need to sleep or just daily. 

She’s helped me overcome fear that I carried throughout the years, which looking back, were all in my head. She taught me how to speak to myself and about myself with kindness, love and grace, empowering me and my potential.  She taught me about EFT tapping and also breathing methods to use for my symptoms of anxiety.

I know she’s given me tools to dig myself out of some ruts and old tendencies, the trick is actually doing the work (putting in the time), heeding the advice, doing the thing you don’t FEEL like doing, but the truth is, you actually feel better after the meditation, the self care, the journaling, the tapping, the breathing exercise, the affirmations, the sending of love to yourself and others.

Every once in a while I hit a snag, and I need an extra push. I know she’s just a phone call or text away, and for that, I am truly thankful. I’m grateful that she chose this path so that she could help people like me overcome hurdles, we didn’t even know where there (because we’ve become so accustomed to the discomfort that it feels normal).  I definitely feel like I’m a much better version of myself than when I walked in her door.


Owner- Editor of Magazine

Transported to a different realm

The Hypnosis Session I had with Kathy was lovely and such an enjoyable experience. Having experience with Hypnosis before, it helped me to connect faster at a very deep level. Kathy took me through the Hypnotic state beautifully and then guided me through in such a friendly and loving manner.l that I felt fully at ease.

I connected with my loved ones that had passed and personally received beautiful messages and guidance which I then shared with Kathy. My energetic state felt amazing in that hypnotic trance and Kathy then guided me back to my normal state and provided me with after care advise too.
I highly recommend this session and you feel like you’re on a different Realm…

Thank you Kathy for the beautiful experience, much appreciated.

Feel lighter, safe, and protected

I’ve had 3 sessions with Kathy. Each time getting deeper into my core issues. She helps shed light on the things I can’t see for myself. I always feel safe & protected as she guides me through each session. She definitely lightens the load of what’s ready to be released. I look forward to seeing her each week. She’s been such a blessing!

Houston, TX. USA