Welcome to Kathleen Chapman Hypnosis!

Hypnosis and energy work  is an integrative approach to wellness.

Hello, nice to see you here!

I’m Kathleen Chapman,

Medical/ Spiritual Support Hypnotherapist.

I help my clients find solutions to recover from traumatic life experiences which brings them to a place of true peace and happiness.

I give each of my clients individual attention. This allows them the opportunity to discover what events in their life are keeping them stuck or blocking them from obtaining true happiness.

Clients are taught to connect to their INNER GUIDE, their strength, courage and confidence to find they can make lasting changes and improve their lives.

My work

Hypnosis and Energy sessions

Hypnosis and Energy sessions create a space that allows deep relaxation, like a guided meditation. Each client is in complete control as an active participant during the sessions and in a safe environment.

The goals are set by each client and practitioner. Some clients may choose just to use Hypnotherapy or choose just Energy work, however results can be attained more efficiently when using both.

I am super excited to manifest a long held dream. To offer my work to as many people as I can. Not everyone can afford mental health care, and I wanted to be able to offer a space for those who suffer in silence. ZENergy, A Place for Balance APP can lay the foundation in learning to love yourself which I found is the first step in creating a life of happiness and abundance.

I have created custom packages to fit a variety of budgets that meet my clients needs on their healing journey.

ZENergy, A Place For Balance APP is a safe space where you can either begin or continue your healing journey at your own pace, time, and in your own environment. I have included meditations to guide you in creating new perceptions for individual growth. The truth is we heal together, we suffer in silence.

ZENergy, A Place for Balance will give you an opportunity to have direct access to the experience my clients have during one on one sessions.